Volunteer in Thailand

Volunteer Vacations and Service Learning Projects in Thailand

Volunteer in Thailand

Come and find your unique Thai experience as a short term volunteer on vacation or for personal development during a gap year.

Discover Thailand a completely different way by helping the disadvantaged and getting involved. Join a growing number of volunteers who found this the best way to get to know Thailand.

  • Experience – global friendship and cross cultural understanding
  • Explore – Thai culture and different values, challenge yourself while you learn new skills
  • Exchange – ideas, knowledge and join a mutual learning experience

Make a difference to others while having a great time.

Suitable for all ages.
No special skills needed but welcome.

Our Mission

  • Offer meaningful volunteer opportunities for long- and short-term volunteers.
  • Provide cross-cultural learning experiences through volunteering in Thailand.
  • Further education and support people and projects in need.
  • Working towards our dreams of a better world for all of us.

Volunteer Opportunities in Thailand

We created an environment for you to feel safe and taken care of while volunteering abroad. Our team of Thais and Westerners has many years experience in organizing volunteer opportunities in Thailand and bridging the gap between cultures.

We all understand you give your time and spend money to volunteer abroad and strive to make your Thai experience something you will positively remember.

What To Expect?

Volunteering in Thailand is

  • work,
  • a break from your normal life and
  • a different travel experience.

You will see and experience much more than the average tourist or backpacker.
You will return home with a different perspective, memories that will last and new friends made.
You will learn about “Third World” issues and gain cross-cultural awareness, a valuable skill to add to your Curriculum Vitae or resume in this time of globalization.

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