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Our Nongkhai Experience

by Thai-Experience ~ April 7th, 2010. Filed under: Volunteer Experiences.

by Claire and Pete Noor, Spain

We visited Nongkhai in January 2006 and spent some time at Guamwan school with Sujin, the English teacher, and his pupils.

Each morning we would travel to school on our moped, along with many other people on their way to work. We would always exchange a smiling wai and a wave to some of them while waiting at the traffic lights.

The children at the school were truly delightful, all very polite, keen to learn and laughed easily. They have a wide English vocabulary but few opportunities to listen to or speak English out loud which is where we were able to add benefit. I think it’s fair to say a lot of fun was had by all.

We were lucky enough to be there while regional school competitions were on and saw lots of singing, dancing, cooking, art and flower arranging. All the children were very talented in their chosen subject.

Choosing to spend some time at the school in Nongkhai and with Sabine and the team was very rewarding. They really are a genuinely nice group of people and we felt fortunate to have meet and spent some time with them. Doing the voluntary work was a fabulous way to gain an experience of Thailand and it’s wonderful people and we would recommend it without any hesitation.

We have without doubt left a little of ourselves in Nongkhai and hope to return and leave a little more in the future.