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Volunteer at a Thai Orphanage – Thailand Volunteer Sheila’s Experience

by Thai-Experience ~ January 23rd, 2011. Filed under: Volunteer Experiences.

Sheila started her cultural exchange and volunteering experience in october 2010. She wrote a short piece about her experience as a volunteer in Thailand.

I had been in Thailand for about 1.5 months before volunteering so I think I had time to acclimate to the changes and day to day differences.

Thailand Volunteer Sheila at the orphanage

Thailand Volunteer Sheila at the orphanage

It has been a pleasure meeting so many wonderful people and I thought the placement was a good fit. It was a great experience teaching English, making bracelets, playing games and practicing Thai with the kids. They are very talented and brave souls. I will miss them very much. I hope to someday visit again. Had I known more of the Thai language, I could have communicated better with the boys at the orphanage.

I can’t do paper mache to save my life, but that is ok. You win some, you lose some.
Spending time teaching and interacting with the boys at Nong Song Hong is very rewarding; meeting new people; learning a new language; learning about a new culture.
I thought everything went well and was planned out well.

I think it would be fun to do some kind of karaoke thing using the room with the microphone. Some of the kids have obvious musical talent and others might enjoy singing as well.

You could use You Tube videos to sing to if actual karaoke equipment is not available. (A mix of English music and Thai music); also, teaching disco dancing would be fun; not sure how this would mix with the Thai culture, but dancing is very therapeutic and there is no language barrier – disco from the 70’s is all clean compared to the modern stuff kids are doing now days.

A big thank you to Sabine for taking care of my dog while I extended my visa in Laos! I appreciate it and I think Braco is officially “cat friendly” now. I also want to thank Pooky and Sabine for all of the job leads and contact information. It has been a big help. The Thai lessons are a great idea and very helpful.

Sheila Schott, USA, was a volunteer in Thailand 2010. She volunteered at the orphanage in Nong Song Hong and plans to stay in Thailand teaching English. If you would like to contact Sheila to ask her about her personal experience as a volunteer in Thailand, please use this form (to avoid spam we can’t give out emails directly, sorry!)